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About Jem

I'm Jemma, a.k.a. 'Jem'. 19. UK. 

I prefer handwriting to type, candles to cake and love to hide behind a book most of my time. I'm currently in my first year of a three year History degree at the University of Birmingham, though I'm trying hard not to live the life of a student. My blog is my little bit on the side, with all the things I love in life.

I've been blogging since June 2013, but the blog you see right here started its roots during the Summer of 2014 and had a small face lift in January 2015. I changed the blog address from to in early January 2015 to start a fresh, but with it meant starting out like a brand new blog. Keeping some of my posts and clearing out a whole load of other (rather cringey) ones, the new 'Jem's Blog' embarked on a new journey.

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