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Today feels like the first free day I have had in ages! In fact settling into University life, whilst suffering with "fresher's flu", taking a quick trip home to collect some clean washing (thanks mum!) and doing a little bit of shopping, has certainly been a fun yet tiring and time-consuming exercise. Is it all that it's cracked up to be? Give me another week and I'm sure I'll be able to give you a better informed response.

I got the sudden urge today to just sit down and write a blog post after having a few weeks "blogging holiday" whilst I get things sorted. Okay, so it's about makeup, but who needs anything better?

My love for MAC lipsticks seems to be forever growing, as is my collection (although currently only at 3? Does that qualify as a "collection"?). After moving away to Uni, my sights have now been firmly set on the nearest MAC store, which is now only a 5 minute train journey away (can you see where this is going already?).

Brick-O-La (right) and Patisserie (Left)
I've been longing after MAC's 'Brick-O-La' for a few months now, as it's certainly a more autumnal colour - a dark brownish-red. It's one of those lipsticks which at first initially deceives you, the colour on the lips being a bit more 'au-natural' rather than 'Dracula-goth'. It's an Amplified finish, being both soft and slightly glossy yet packing in a whole host of colour and pigmentation. You can probably get away with 4-5 hours wear time before having to reapply, but for me, the colour and pigmentation are a win alone. It's certainly fast becoming my favourite lipstick. Ever.

MAC's 'Patisserie' is another one of those cult classics, the nude that everyone craves and that the beauty obsessed have either purchased several already, or swatched one too many times and gazed at it in awe. It's a rather beautiful yet classic nude, but it's very similar to my own lip colour when I apply it - so it's a very, very natural colour for me! It's also a Lustre, which makes the finish very sheer and quite glossy, much like having the shine and pigmentation of a lipgloss but in a lipstick tube. Definitely one for those of you who want something that's wearable on a day-to-day basis.

Patisserie (left) and Brick-O-La (right)
And anyway, if this post isn't enough to make you want to run out right now to your nearest MAC and sample these two beauties in all their glory, then surely nobody can resist the deliciousness that is the smell of MAC lipsticks?

Have you tried these? Do you have a favourite MAC or non-MAC lipstick?


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