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It's times like these when I often ask myself why I haven't bitten the bullet sooner and caved into buying the products I've lusted after for a seriously long amount of time. More often than not, my instincts are perfectly correct and I've found a gem.

My obsession for lipsticks has reached ridiculous heights. It's even (surprisingly) managed to overtake my obsession for eyeshadows. I'm trying new colours, new brands and new finishes with each passing month and I still want more. Oh dear Jem, this is becoming a little bit unhealthy.

YSL's Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks have always been my highly sought after high-end lipsticks. On countless occasions I've found myself drawn to their beautiful packaging (and the colours of course!) but never found the motivation to choose just one colour and give it a loving home. But now 'Pink in Paris' (number 13) has graced me with its presence and I couldn't be happier with the choice.

When I swatched the colours in store, the quality of the lipsticks was stunning. They are creamy, have a high shine, are long-wearing and simply felt beautiful. This is even more so when you're wearing them. They feel just that extra bit special, and although I thought MAC lipsticks smelt good, my YSL splurge has got me smelling peaches all day long. I can't find a single fault, other than with myself for not investing in these earlier.

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