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The products I experiment with and swap out the most are to do with my complexion - my concealer, powder and foundation. I can easily say that I have never quite found the perfect set, I often go off my foundations and let's face it, there's only so much love you can give your Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Collection concealer before they become a complete bore.

I have by no means exhausted the possibilities, and I am yet to try a number of hit-list foundations, much to my screaming tortured bank balance. But I've recently started to believe that I'm three products closer to perfection. I've been using Nars' Creamy Radiant Concealer for a few months now and it's a key rival to Collection's oh-so-hyped concealer. It's exactly what it says, creamy, radiant and provides a hell of a lot of coverage and - despite being £22 - feels worth the purchase.

Laura Mercier's Loose Setting Powder in Translucent is again one of my lusted-after products. After the initial mess it made every time I opened it, I've started to warm to a loose powder over pressed ones. I can control how much I use, and actually see how much of the product I have picked up. The powder itself is light, long-lasting and has super-dooper oil absorbing powers. I'm sorry Rimmel, but I've found my new favourite.

If I want my makeup to last and to (temporarily) banish the oil, both the Loose Setting Powder Urban Decay's Makeup Setting Spray in the Oil-Control version are the ones to go to. After being a little bit dubious as to how some glorified water in a spray bottle could possibly limit shine and ensure my foundation lasted, I've swallowed my words. The setting spray dries quickly to lock in the lasting power of my makeup, and not just foundation but the whole lot. It's refreshing, helps prevent oil throughout the day and most importantly does it's job - makes my makeup last those few hours longer.

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