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My main concern when I moved to Uni (quite pretentiously) was where I would put my makeup. I knew the bathroom was tiny, and I feared that my beloved brushes and lipsticks would be locked away in a draw or put underneath the bed far from where the normal eye could reach.

Muji draws - Muji storage is a beauty bloggers dream. You can see everything, organise to your hearts content and the best part? You aren't limited in space, because if you run out, you can just stack more drawers on top of your collection. Because of this, they also don't take up too much vanity space - perfect for my not-so-spacious quarters.

Bows - My soft spot for bows ensures that they feature daily either in my hair or in my bag. Keeping them out like this makes them easy to grab, however let's face it, they are there for purely aesthetic purposes truly.

Perfumes - What's the point in buying beautifully ornate perfume bottles if you can't look at them? They make a perfect addition to room decor, but also are convenient to grab all the same. I'm often in a rush, so having them where I can see them reminds me to give them some love and attention.

Brushes - These Ikea plant pots seem to be another blogger favourite, but they are simply perfect for my makeup brushes, as well as making my desk look pretty. For some reason I can't bear having my brushes tucked away in a makeup bag or draw, and perhaps it's wise as I can clearly see when they need a good clean!

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