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I reach for MACs Patisserie time and time again. It's that neutral 'hardly-any-colour' shade which is so easy to wear, requires very little mirror attention and it isn't too noticeable around the time when lipstick tends to start going terribly wrong throughout the day.

I made myself a promise to try out new colours though, and particularly through these colder months I've envied people who can pull off the dark, almost vampy, bold lip. So Instagram, right?

Ever since the Kylie Jenner lip hit everybody's news feeds, I've realised my inner chic and found a new love for lip pencil (oh what alternate universe had I been living in before I discovered lip pencils?). MACs Whirl and Spice lip pencils and Teddy Bear Lipstick were on my 'must purchase' list, but they are extremely difficult to get hold of. Sold out online and in stores.


So I had to opt for something a little bit different.

Taking the plunge MACs Absolutely It (Pro Longwear Lip Pencil) was a little darker anticipated. Put on top MACs Syrup (Lustre finish Lipstick) and you've got my perfect interpretation of a glossy-vampy lip combo. The darker, deep purple-red colour of the matte lip pencil stands out underneath the sheer gloss of Syrup. I've discovered that this colour is my signature time-to-get-brave bold lip.



2 Comments so far

  1. That lipstick shade looks stunning, that lip liner and lipstick shade have been on my wish list forever!

  2. I'd buy it already for the cute name of the color!:)

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog